Pet Membership

How to Register a pet puppy and become an ALCA Pet Member 

The Australian Labradoodle Club of America, Pet Membership, is offered exclusively to buyers of the Authentic Australian Labradoodle. Pet Membership is a lifetime membership and only available to owners of pets purchased through our Australian Labradoodle Club, Breeder Members.  The Pet Membership fee of $25.00, includes the registration of one pet puppy in your name and a beautiful four generation Pedigree.  In addition, access to upcoming discount codes, ongoing information to benefit our pet parents and a small gift as a token of our appreciation for loving and being a part of the development of a pure breed dog known to all as the Authentic Australian Labradoodle. 


You may REGISTER your pet by clicking on the link below.    

Pay using our PayPal system below.

If you need to pay by another method, contact the ALCA Registrar for options and instructions.  


$25.00 (US Currency) 


If you purchased your dog as an older dog from a non-breeder, contact the ALCA Registrar for Transfer instructions.  

ALCA Registrar​ Contact Information:

Email: AustralianLabradoodleClub@gmail.com


With your Pet Membership application, you will receive a nicely printed, five generation ALCA pedigree and a 

certificate of authenticity that your dog has descended from the original kennels in Australia.