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  • Start brushing your puppy twice a week - to the skin. You can work in sections and brush from back to front on back, sides and tail on legs brush up. You don’t have to do this all at once.

  • This gets them ready for a longer brushing as they get older. At around seven months to a year (every puppy is different) the adult coat starts coming in and the baby coat does not shed. This is when brushing is vital to keep the coat from matting. The worse that can happen is if it gets matted, the coat will need to be shaved down. The coat will grow back in well. May come back in a tad bit curlier but as it gets longer, it becomes wavy again.

  • Bathing does not need to be done often - 3 months is not too long unless they get into something really dirty. Little females need to have their vagina rinsed thoroughly so they don’t get UTI’s.

  • For swimming if you want the puppy to keep the longer coat, put a cream conditioner on it before it goes into the water - pool, lake, river, ocean. When it comes out of the water, rinse it, and it will brush out well.

Face Trimming - Wavy and Curly

  • Ears - Keep coat short to ear leather at bottom of ear - Australian Labradoodles are not supposed to have long coat hanging from their ears. Inside the ear - to pluck or not, if plucking use a good ear wash for several days after to soothe and heal. Many choose not to pluck but trim hair short inside ear. Wash and clean - Need good ear wash for when puppy has been bathed or in water swimming.

  • Eyes - Keep coat trimmed out of the eyes. Cut coat between eyes at top of nose. Wash eyes with soft cloth and water or eye wash. 

  • special-senses-of-the-dog


  • Legs - look like tree trunks with coat going over the toes.


  • Nails - Cautiously cut them. Having a flash light under the nail shows the vein - avoid the vein.

  • Fleas and Tick Prevention:

Advantage - monthly - topical
Frontline Plus - monthly - topical
Revolution - monthly - topical

If you want to go a la natural for flea and tick control, you will need to bathe often and manual pick fleas and ticks off. There are flea combs to help with this.

Underside of puppy - Shave their tummy and areas that get the fine coat that gets little knots.

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