Litter Registration


When registering your Litter -

  • The Dam of the litter must be previously registered with the ALCA in order for her litter to be eligible for registration. The Sire does not need to be registered but he must meet the registration requirements set forth by the ALCA. If non ALCA registered must submit pedigree with DOB.

  • Fill out a Litter application and pay the fee on the ALCA website.

  • Every Litter you whelp that qualifies must be registered within 30 days of birth or a $20.00 penalty per litter will be charged. Failure to register litters may result in removal of your listing on the ALCA roster.

  • You must display the ALCA Litter registration number with your litter advertisement on your website.

  • If you do not advertise your litters on your site, you still must list the litter registration numbers on your “Puppies” page.

  • You are required to provide a Litter registration paper with every breeding dog sold. Whether the new buyer is an ALCA member or not, they must still be given the paper and you should ask them to register the dog, even if they do not intend to be an ALCA member, they should keep the paper in case the dog is ever sold, and the new owner can register the dog.

  • ALCA requires that spay/neuter all pups that are sold as companion family members, allowing for exception where the breeder agrees to work under contract with the pet buyer to have a time limit of 6 months of age for spay/neuter and documentation provided by the vet surgeon confirming that the pet has been spay/neutered within the time frame allowed under contract. Upon receipt of such documentation, breeder will then provide the pet owner with documents, including pedigree and registration form. Breeder must maintain the signed form in their records and submit to ALCA upon request.

  • ALCA has made the early spay/neuter requirement as a necessary step to provide for the firm future of the Australian Labradoodle. It is also in the interest of each breeder member to protect their breeding program. By requiring that all pets are spay/neutered prior to breeding age, we eliminate the risk of unwanted pregnancies and unwanted and unregistered offspring.

  • Litter Registration fee is $30.00 For other Registrations, click Applications above to select.

  • Submit the Litter Registration Application form. 


By signing this document I certify the the information is truthful and accurate.

Submit the litter Registration.
Note about submitting the litter registration. This does not give you access to List your Litter. You need to register your kennel to list your Litter.
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