About the original Australian Labradoodle

The Australian Labradoodle Club of America was formed in 2005 as a non-profit organization serving the breeders, owners and enthusiasts of the original Australian Labradoodle. 


As such, the ALCA certifies only the Original Australian Labradoodle, allowing only one Poodle infusion within three generations as long as the infusion was before 2011 and does not allow any Wheaton Terrier infusion nor recognize any name other than Australian Labradoodle.  In the future, the name may have to change, as the ALCA prepares for the future development of the Australian Labradoodle as a pure breed dog.


Officers and Board of Directors 

We wish to acknowledge and thank the following Officers and Board of Directors for volunteering their time and efforts and for their dedication to the success of the Australian Labradoodle Club Of America and the Australian Labradoodle breed.

For members interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please complete the application at link below:

  • Royal Diamond Labradoodles - 227

  • Lake Blue ALD - 237

  • Green Gable Labradoodles - C091

Australian Labradoodle Club of America

The Australian Labradoodle Club of America provides top-notch support and fellowship to the Australian Labradoodle Breeders in America. Through our love, experience, and dedication to the Australian Labradoodle breed, the Australian Labradoodle Club of America's members are committed to joining together in our efforts to assure a firm future for the Australian Labradoodle. 

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